Maintaining proper insurance is imperative to protecting your nonprofit organization and achieving your missions. USLI understands how crucial it is to secure comprehensive coverage. We provide an easy-to-access insurance solution for a broad variety of nonprofit organizations. We are flexible and give you the ability to obtain many of the insurance coverages you need on just one easy policy.

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Nonprofit Directors and Officers

We have been providing nonprofit organizations with this coverage for over 20 years. Our product gives organizations peace of mind so they can focus on what is most important: carrying out their mission.

Nonprofits can face claims from decisions made by the board, wrongful termination, third-party discrimination and data breach concerns. USLI has a proven track record of partnering with nonprofits to help them protect their organizations not only now, but well into the future.

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General Liability

Nonprofits face various unforeseen accidents that can be financially devastating, whether at meetings or on trips. Our comprehensive general liability provides third-party coverage for bodily injury, property damage, personal/advertising injury and the costs associated with defending these claims. Abuse and molestation, assault and battery and automobile liability for hired automobiles or those the organization does not own are also included. Errors and omissions coverage for services is also available for select nonprofit organizations.

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Nonprofit organizations own buildings, off-premises/transported property (such as sports equipment and musical instruments) and business personal property, which are imperative to daily operations. We can provide property insurance for nonprofit organizations as well as protection for loss of business income and the associated expenses to get the organization back up and running. Crime coverage is also available for money and securities, employee dishonesty, robbery and burglary. 

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Special Events and Liquor Liability

Fundraising events are a large part of operations for nonprofits. We can provide the protection you need for events with or without liquor liability. Additionally, annual commercial liquor policies are available for nonprofits with full-time liquor operations, such as clubs. Coverage can be provided either as a part of an annual package policy or written separately. 

How do I learn more about USLI insurance products and buy coverage?

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Featured Classes:

Charitable Organizations

▸ Foundation
▸ Fundraising
▸ Supporters Community
▸ United Way Center


▸ Assisted Living/Retirement/ Nursing Home/Hospice
▸ Counseling/Referral/Crisis Service
▸ Handicapped/ Developmentally Disabledfacility 
▸ Health care Provider/clinic
▸ Mental Health Center
▸ Substance Abuse Center

Shared Property

▸ Cemetery
▸ Condo/Homeowners Association
▸ Low Income Housing
▸ Property Owners Association
▸ Water Company


▸ Environmental Group
▸ Exhibition (Auto Show, Fair, Festival) 
▸ Historical Society/ Preservation
▸ Humane Society
▸ Library/Museum
▸ Performing Arts Organization

Membership Organization

▸ Alumni
▸ Business Associations
▸ Country Club – Dining Club
▸ Fraternal Clubs (Elks, Jaycees)
▸ Senior Community Center
▸ Service Clubs (Rotary, VFW)

Social /Human Service

▸ Assistance Center
▸ Counseling
▸ Food Bank
▸ Residential Facilities
▸ Thrift Stores


▸ Boarding/Private High School
▸ Community/Junior College
▸ Montessori
▸ Preschool/Kindergarten/Day Care
▸ Vocational Training

Promotion of Business

▸ Chamber of Commerce
▸ Lobbyist
▸ Political Action Committee
▸ Private Industry Council
▸ Professional Associates
▸ Research Organization
▸ Trade Associations

Sports Organizations (Youth and Adult)

▸ Camps
▸ Clinics
▸ Leagues

Government Related

▸ Community/civic Center
▸ Convention Center
▸ Economic Development Corp.
▸ Public Broadcasting
▸ Regional Planning Commission
▸ Visitors/Tourist Bureau
▸ Zoo

Religious Organizations

▸ Church
▸ Ministry Organization
▸ Synagogue
▸ Temple

Youth Organizations

▸ At-­risk Youth Facility
▸ Big Brother/Sister
▸ Boys & Girls Club

Not all coverages will be available for all classes of business