Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At USLI, our goal is to strengthen our community and culture by representing and embracing all ethnicities, nationalities, disabilities, genders, religions and sexual orientations. We understand that it is imperative to educate ourselves about and immerse ourselves in others' realities, acknowledge our biases and challenge ourselves to look beyond our worldviews. Within our community, we continue to move conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion forward to ensure every employee has a sense of belonging, a voice and a seat at the table.



Support from senior leadership is an integral part of bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to the forefront of our company culture. In this video, Council team member Shelby Chapman, who co-chairs USLI’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team, is joined by CEO Tom Nerney for a discussion about diversity, equity and inclusion.

“Together, we are on a journey, striving to improve our understanding of others’ realities.”
—Tom Nerney, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer


We look for a diverse pool of applicants, representative of all ethnicities, nationalities, disabilities, genders, religions and sexual orientations, to fill the roles we have available.

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We started a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team in 2016 to help educate and strengthen our community. Explore a timeline of our initiatives and accomplishments so far.



Education is an integral component of our diversity, equity and inclusion journey at USLI. It is our continued goal to create more educational resources and opportunities for our leaders and employees to learn more about these topics, as well as the history of racism, discrimination and inequalities that still exist today.



Our community teams provide employees with additional ways to get involved, support company goals and demonstrate USLI’s CARE² values. EXPLORE OUR TEAMS


Caring, Attitude, Respect, Empathy and Energy — are the fundamentals that establish a shared value system and remind us we all play a part in making a difference.


Meet the team that provides resources, facilitates training sessions and brings our initiatives to life.



We are working to create an environment in which all employees feel empowered to share their thoughts, perspectives and personal stories.

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Through our monthly First Fridays, Celebrate USLI series, we celebrate the backgrounds, perspectives and traditions within our community.

Learning About Each Other

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team provides resources and educational opportunities through which USLI employees can learn about diversity, equity, inclusion, racism, and inequalities that still exist today. Employees are encouraged to participate in outreach sessions led by USLI leaders, where they can speak candidly about these and other topics.

Engaging With Communities and Organizations

USLI is committed to making a difference through community service, fundraising and volunteering. Many of our programs, including Reading STARS and the La Salle Academy Mentoring Program, focus on coaching, mentoring and building relationships with children in the Greater Philadelphia area. We also support underserved communities globally via initiatives like Hoops For Haiti and Nothing But Nets and locally via partnerships with organizations like Urban Creators and 12th Street Catering.


We are committed to making a difference locally and globally. Maximizing our efforts is important to us when we take action, so we always engage with our community and customers to see how we can make an impact together.

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The Importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in a Workplace

At USLI, we are working hard to take actionable steps toward improving diversity, equity and inclusion in our community through sharing personal stories, practicing active listening and immersing ourselves in education. We have challenged each other to listen, learn and engage to better understand others’ experiences and let new ideas in. Recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates is also important as we move forward with our efforts, and we continue to seek out ways to increase the diversity of our personal and professional networks. We know we can get better. This is not only one person’s responsibility — it is everyone’s.

In addition to increasing diversity within our companies, it is my goal as President and CEO to ensure every team member not only feels like they can be their genuine self, but feels welcome and “at home” at work each day. I promise to push our community to ensure every team member has a sense of belonging and the opportunity to perform at their highest potential.

As we continue on this diversity, equity and inclusion journey, I hope we can inspire one another to learn more and grow together.


Thomas P. Nerney - Chairman, President & CEO