Our products are designed for small businesses in the hospitality industry as well as those seeking insurance for special events. We have been writing liquor liability for more than 25 years and plan to be a consistent long-term market for your business. Our underwriters also have comprehensive knowledge of state-specific liquor laws, which can be used as a resource by you and your clients.


Hospitality and Liquor


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Bars and Taverns

Our comprehensive product offers coverage for business owners selling a higher percentage of alcohol sales compared to food sales. We provide coverage to small corner bars but can also entertain risks with major entertainment, bouncers or security, drink specials and youthful clientele.

Assault or battery coverage is offered at full limits on most risks. We also have preferred pricing for owners who complete formal alcohol awareness training, have identification scanners and for establishments that close by midnight.

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The restaurant industry has more than one million locations throughout the U.S. Our product covers fast food, fine dining, family restaurants, 24-hour diners and BYOB establishments.  

This industry adds new establishments and new jobs each year, which means more opportunity for you! We differentiate our policy with value-added resources, including human resources services, pre-employment and tenant screenings and marketing resources, in an effort to make our product stand out.

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Retail Stores

Our product targets a wide variety of stores that sell or distribute alcohol for off-premises consumption. We can consider liquor stores, convenience stores, delis and even gas stations.

We can also consider new establishments as well as those offering tastings at the store. Retail stores are particularly vulnerable to liquor claims, especially those involving minors. Many of these stores do not purchase the appropriate insurance. We want to provide the best possible solution in an effort to combat a potential claim. 

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Special Events

Events connect people to organizational causes through venues, entertainment, food and drink. They are a major commitment of time, money, energy and public relations. Our Special Events policy will help your organization maintain integrity should a claim arise.

Our product is designed to provide coverage for short-term events. Events with up to 20,000 attendees and/or 20,000 consumers per day are eligible for most event types. Regardless of size, we want to make sure there is peace of mind on the days that matter most.


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Additional featured products:

Fraternal/Social Clubs

Specifically designed to cover rental of these clubs’ facilities as well as the service of alcohol for special events such as banquets, reunions, parties and weddings.  


We offer comprehensive coverage for licensed and unlicensed caterers, banquet halls, concessionaires and bartending services.  

Wedding Plus

We can cover one-day events with fewer than 500 attendees. The rehearsal date can be covered for no additional charge.  We also offer a comprehensive list of additional coverages for lost deposits, damage to attire, cancellation or postponement, gifts, jewelry and photography and video. 

The Long Shot

Our product offers prize indemnification coverage for hole-in-one contests at golf tournaments. We offer prize values up to $50,000 per hole, and multiple holes can be covered on one policy. If a hole in one is made, an additional 20 percent of the prize value will be paid to the charity associated with the event.