Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team

“Diversity, equity and inclusion is our shared responsibility, and it must be a continuous journey. I encourage you to take purposeful steps in order to initiate the change we need. Educate yourself, continue the courageous conversations on race and challenge any individual biases you may have. Recruit for a more diverse community, and ensure everyone has the opportunity to grow, as well as a voice at the table."

—Tom Nerney, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Meet the team that provides resources, facilitates training sessions and brings our initiatives to life.

Alex Moss

Marissa Teasley

Sasha Moul

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Will Sheridan

Briana Vu

Phil Reese

Shelby Chapman

Elisha Schoonmaker

Portia Waller

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Tom Pepe

Michelle Gross

Sapna Kanungo

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Troy Kelly