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The Professional Lines Team focuses on offering competitively priced products with broad coverage and unique features combined with quick turnaround to enable our customers to compete successfully for Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability and Errors & Omissions business.

Directors & Officers/Employment Practices Liability

Community Association Product:

Our product targets small to medium sized associations with up to 1,000 units. Coverage features include automatic additional insured status for the property management company, third party harassment and discrimination coverage, as well as non-monetary coverage and defense coverage for breach of contract claims in most states.


Crime Insurance for Community Associations:
Our coverage is designed for risks eligible for the Community Association Product and includes coverage for theft of money, securities and other property by employees of the association as well as the option to cover theft by a property manager’s employees. The policy also features automatic coverage for directors, officers, committee chairs, employees and volunteers.


Corporate Directors & Officers Liability:
“The Answer” is designed for private companies with up to $350 million in assets and 500 employees. Separate Directors and Officers (D&O) and Employment Practices Liability (EPL) limits, up to $1 million separate defense cost limit for the D&O, coverage for defense costs outside the limit for the EPL (up to 200 employees), a $100,000
sub-limit for Fair Labor Standards Act claims (including defense costs and loss; state restrictions apply) available Fiduciary Liability coverage under the D&O, unlimited extended reporting period for former directors and officers, and full entity coverage are just a few of the many features.


Employment Practices Liability:
Our product is specifically designed for a broad range of employers with up to 500 employees and includes coverage for defense costs outside the limit (up to 200 employees), a $100,000 sub-limit for Fair Labor Standards Act claims (including defense costs and loss; state restrictions apply), a broad definition of Wrongful Employment Act, punitive damages (state restrictions apply), and a FREE human resources hotline (no limit on number and length of calls). Third party discrimination and harassment option is available to most classes.


Medical Providers Employment Practices Liability Protection:
Our product is designed to meet the unique Employment Practices Liability needs of medical and dental offices. The product provides third party discrimination and harassment and a separate $250,000 defense protection for allegations of Patient Molestation, depending on the class of business. A $100,000 sub-limit for Fair Labor Standards Act claims (including defense cost and loss; state restrictions apply), punitive damages coverage (state restrictions apply), a broad definition of Wrongful Employment Act and free human resources hotline are also included.


Non Profit Directors & Officers Liability:
Our product has a separate and additional limit for employment practices liability, thus protecting the directors and officers limit. Fiduciary Liability starts at $100 and our “occurrence feature” of a lifetime occurrence reporting provision for former directors and officers further differentiates our product. New coverage features include expanded defense and settlement language as well as the definition of loss, personal injury, breach of contract, final adjudication, most favorable venue and a 75/25 hammer clause.


Public Officials Liability:
Our product provides coverage specifically designed for elected or appointed officials in special service districts. The product offers separate limits for Public Officials liability and optional Employment Practices Liability, defense costs outside each limit and low minimum premium and retentions.


Errors & Omissions


Allied Healthcare Professional and General Liability:
Our product targets over 40 allied healthcare professionals and entities including physical therapists, mental health counselors, social workers, day spas, massage therapists including reflexologists and home health aides. Separate claims-made professional and occurrence-based general liability limits include duty to defend wording, punitive damages coverage and an optional patient molestation defense sublimit. Limits are offered up to $1 million/$3 million with the option to purchase stand-alone professional. Minimum premiums start at $425


Personal Lines Insurance Agents Errors & Omissions:
Our product targets both standard and non-standard personal lines agencies, including life insurance agencies with up to $10,000,000 in premium volume. Defense costs outside the limit, personal injury protection and automatic coverage for independent contractors are just a few of the coverage features.


Property Managers Errors & Omissions:
Our unique form is tailored to meet the professional liability needs of both commercial and residential property managers. We offer three distinct coverages, each with a separate limit of liability: errors and omissions, tenant discrimination and employment practices liability. Our product offers coverage for up to 100% ownership interest in personally owned property. Premises Preferred Package is also available.


Real Estate Errors & Omissions:
Designed for real estate firms which derive at least 65% of their commission from residential real estate transactions. Discrimination and lock box coverages are automatically provided in the form. This competitively priced product provides coverage which competes with association-endorsed programs. Preferred Package is also available.


Specified Professions Errors & Omissions:
Our product targets over 80 classes including advertising agencies, claims adjusters, collection agencies, landscape architects, employment agencies, event/meeting planners, human resource consultants, management/marketing consultants, tax preparers/ bookkeepers and tutors. Coverage includes duty to defend wording and personal injury coverage for all classes. Defense costs outside the limit, intellectual property coverage, contingent bodily injury/property damage coverage, defense-only sexual abuse/molestation coverage and the option to purchase a Preferred Package available for select classes.


SuperTek Pak Technology Professional Liability:
Our product targets a wide range of information technology professionals with up to $15,000,000 in revenue. We have expanded our guidelines to over 35 technology services, including web hosting services and custom software application service providers. Broad form coverage is also available, which enhances coverage for claims involving intellectual property, malicious code, personal injury, and unauthorized access. General liability and property coverages are also available. Full prior acts is available for most accounts.


MicroTek Pak Small Business Technology Professional Liability:
Our very competitively priced product, targeted at technology professionals with less than $500,000 in revenue and 3 or fewer consultants. The all-in-one policy has minimum premiums starting at $995 for BOTH Professional Liability and the Professional Office Package. MicroTek Pak is big coverage for small technology businesses.

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